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Development & Incubation Studio


Lean Startup
& Incubation

We build, test & learn for fast MVP, go-to-market & capital raise. Focus:startups & new markets.


US-based Product Team, from idea to market. Dedicated Product Manager, onsite optional.

Strategy & Consulting

Global expertise & network.
We offer consulting services in Blockchain, Digital Health, CRIPSR and Enterprise Software.


US and Offshore Development.
We have a global network of developers with proven implementaiton success.

Blockchain & Digital Health

Successful Projects

Global Edge
    Blockchain, Infrastructure Platform

Travel Credentials
    Blockchain, Verifiable Credentials
    Overview Deck

Travel Identity
    Blockchain, Decentralized Indentity

Travel DAO
    Blockchain, Inductry DAO

Cardiac Peak
    Digital Health, Analytics

Tech Socius
Biotech Collaboration, Social Network

Clique Fit
Digital Health, Social Fitness

Data Analytics
Digital Health, Cardiovascular Disease
Blockchain & Web3

Development & Consulting

Blockchain & IoT Specialists
Many successful implementations

Connectivity Innovation
IoT to connect to any device
Blockchain to share & collaborate

Commerce Innovation
Micro Payments & Services, FinTech
Digital Wallets, Crypto, P2P, AI

Industry Solutions
Permissioned & Public Blockchains
Hyperledger, Crypto Exchanges & more

White-label Mobile Wallet
P2P money transfers
Payroll, Blockchain Commerce

Custom Development
all latest technologies

Your Technology Partner

Our Development Process

Development begins with great design &
understanding your customers, markets and goals.

During our 2-3 week design workshop, a dedicated US-based product expert works alongside your team to define the problem & whitespace, understand your customer & value proposition, design the product and develop the roadmap.

At workshop end, you will have a clearly defined product, plan to validate assumptions & market, interactive wireframes, functional & resource requirements plus time and cost estimates. Online or onsite, with 1 hour FREE consultation.

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Your US-based product owner works with your team on your path-to-market, partnership development and customer acquisition strategy. We ensure your product roadmap aligns with your path-to-market and make any adjustments prior to development.

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You will have a US-based product owner and a network of Software Engineers & Architechs around the globe. This ensures consistency in coding styles, product and delivery of customer value while maintaining a US-based business focus and design, all at a much cheaper cost.

We use an agile, lean startup development methodology. This means we continuously release product in milestones, learn from you and your customers, then make adjustments. This ensures the final product exceeds your expectations and delivers the most customer value.

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Your product is worthless without a market to consume it. From day one, we focus on your customers, partners and market. Your dedicated product owner works closely with your team to develop the best go-to-market strategy. We build your product & releases to align with this strategy, taking feedback and making adjustment along the way to build into future releases.

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Capital Raise is your goal from day one. Thus from day one, we too have your capital raise goals in mind. We incorporate your capital goals in all aspects of product & go-to-market strategy. We design & build your product to ensure competitive advantage. We help establish your partners, customers & market to ensure execution and success. We assist you in all business plans, presentation decks and term sheets. If we believe your product can't meet its capital goals, we won't build it!

We do not raise capital, but we put you in a position to be successful and may even introduce you to Seed & Venture Capital investors.

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